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Davy Sweazey

Davy is an advocate for financial advisors, delivering top-notch user experience with financial technology tools. As a relationship manager, she works alongside our sales, client support, and training teams to ensure efficient and successful implementations. Prior to joining AdvisorEngine, Davy was an Advisor Services Coordinator for Independent Financial Professionals (IFP). She served 30+ independent financial advisors in their business endeavors; from developing workflows and best practice guides to training staff and project management.

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Best LinkedIn headlines and practices for financial advisors

Your first exposure to potential clients is now going to be online.  So ensuring your digital presence is strongly presented and communicates your value is crucial -- our research shows almost half of all clients pass on an advisor based on what they find about them online. One essential element to a strong digital presence is your LinkedIn profile. Unlike other social media sites, LinkedIn has become the networking platform of choice for professionals. It’s also where a potential client considering you will likely go to find out more about you.  If you are not utilizing LinkedIn, now is the time to get started. While simply having a LinkedIn profile is a good start, having one that stands out will set you apart from the competition.

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