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Dan Lang

As a leader on AdvisorEngine's business development team, Dan works directly with financial institutions and advisors in order to optimize innovative efficiencies and help deepen their relationships with clients. He works alongside enterprise technologists, data scientists, designers, futurists, business builders and former financial advisors to create the future of financial advice.

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How RIAs Use Technology to Grow and Scale

I’m fortunate to work with highly motivated and passionate independent advisors. When I’m meeting with them, I get the opportunity to hear about the firm-level strategic goals they’re focused on. Unsurprisingly, many of these strategic goals are only possible through technology. Modern technology is creating new ways for RIAs to drive growth, achieve efficiency, ensure client-centricity, build trust and enable compliance. Here are five things to consider when adopting new technology and how it could benefit your firm:  

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Top 4 Reasons Why the Wealth Management Industry Needs to Develop its Digital Capabilities

Everything nowadays is all about the “experience.” Why should wealth management be any different? It shouldn’t be. Advisors should strive to provide clients with exceptional financial experiences.  Unfortunately, we find that within the realm of the wealth management industry, the financial experience process has been slow to catch up with 21st century standards.

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15 Questions Financial Advisors Need to Consider When Launching a Digital Tool

These days, financial advisors have options - new technologies that provide competitive advantages. Tools that enable online, automated investment management services that are key to attracting the next generation of investors.  Smart advisors realize this paradigm change in the wealth management industry. An industry traditionally operated through face-to-face interactions - now quickly shifting toward digital tools where real-time algorithms provide customers with financial advice and manage investment portfolios. When launching a successful digital strategy from the ground up, there are many things you must consider. By aligning your team and focusing on client experience, you can maximize your chances of success. If you are considering a digital offering strategy, here are some ideas that you can take and implement into your financial advisory practice:

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The Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Financial Technology

Financial advisors face countless challenges in their daily practices – especially in this day and age. In order to implement a broader technology strategy at your firm, you must approach it from a technology as well as a business standpoint. Analyze how your business can benefit from the use of technology.

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