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Telemus Launches New Investment Advisory Platform

Telemus Digital combines benefits of a robo-advisor with live advisor support

After a soft launch in the spring, Telemus Digital is now available to investors who enjoy the ease of use of an automated investment platform but need something more. This bionic tool was designed to simplify the process of building a portfolio that fits an individual’s risk tolerance and time horizon while automating some of the more complex aspects of investing, such as monthly contributions, tax-loss harvesting, and portfolio rebalancing.

But Telemus Digital goes beyond that with a layer of human oversight – a team of dedicated Telemus Financial Life Advisors across Michigan and Illinois – to ensure a client’s investments are aligned with their financial goals.

“Robo-advisors are very popular and they help many new investors gain exposure to the markets, but they lack that personal guidance and customized planning that many people need to take that next step in reaching their long-term financial goals,” said Matt Ran, Telemus COO and Partner. “We are routinely looking for innovation and ways to differentiate our firm, while supporting more investors who may have minimal complexities in their financial picture and do not need our full scope of services.”

Telemus developed this new investment tool in partnership with AdvisorEngine®, a financial experience company and provider of portfolio management technology and industry-leading CRM. 

“Innovation in wealth management is being driven by client needs for a modern, simple way to understand their financial health and still remain connected to an advisor,” said AdvisorEngine CEO Rich Cancro. Through its open-architecture platform, AdvisorEngine gives firms the power to ensure their digital experience reflects their own unique and differentiated value proposition.

“We’ve seen a number of automated investing tools become popular, but several surveys show investors still want actual advisors driving the process,” Cancro added. “We’re excited to provide a platform for Telemus to deliver their trusted financial advice to more people.”

To set up an account with Telemus Digital, visit telemus.com/digital. There is no minimum requirement for investable assets on the platform. Users will be able to get a personalized risk assessment at the start. Once a portfolio match is determined, clients can begin investing through the platform and working with the firm’s award-winning team.

“We are thrilled to provide this new tool to investors as they set off on their road to financial independence,” Ran said.


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