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Arden Birdwell

Product Manager

Arden Birdwell AdvisorEngine

A true user advocate identifying best solutions for our clients and prospects

My role is a very collaborative one as I work closely with our design, development, technology and product teams. We build, implement and manage our software products - taking into account life-cycle considerations and our clients needs. It is my responsibility to look ahead and plan project logistics accordingly. I am proud to be a part of our team and am passionate about bringing people together through creative and innovative digital experiences.

What brought me here

Timing is everything. I graduated from University of Georgia with a business degree in 2016. Shortly thereafter, I was visiting New York and reached out to a family member living here to get suggestions for business connections. He introduced me to Rich Cancro, the founder and now CEO of AdvisorEngine. At the time, Rich was in the process of launching this business venture and building his team. I came on board as Product Manager and the rest is history - I am grateful for the opportunity.

How I balance life

Outside of work, I enjoy walking along the East River and hanging out with friends. I love to travel, especially if it involves the beach. My family has a lake house on Lake Blue Ridge in Georgia and I make it a priority to get back there as often as possible.

My favorite quote

“Be particular.” – it is something my mom always says to me. When I was younger, I rolled my eyes at her. But now that I am wiser, I appreciate her advice and am selective with all decisions in my life.

What I want to know most in life

Will I ever know what my dog is truly thinking?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

I would say my grandpa and my dad. My grandpa inspires me because he was the type of person who never backed down; plus he had a very colorful personality. My dad motivates me because he is the type of person who never sits still – he is always looking for something to do, to achieve. I feel fortunate to have such amazing roles models in my life.