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Chris Webster

Support Specialist

Chris Webster

Assisting customers with the “how to” to provide support for Junxure cloud

My most important role is to provide our customers with the answers to their questions and in a timely manner. My goal is to convey a positive, empathetic and professional attitude toward our customers and our team at all times.

What brought me here

I have worked with computers most of my life, going to school to study network security. I began my career with Total Outsourced Systems. TOS offered outsourced firm designed to optimize the way companies interact with their customers, I specifically worked on the Philips campaign. TOS went unexpectedly bankrupt and left me searching for employment. My buddy, Jamar, connected me with Junxure/AdvisorEngine and put in a good word. I was hired and have been working hard ever since.

How I balance life

I hit the gym early, every morning, to get my day started off right. I enjoy spending time with my wife, staying active and appreciating life. We venture out into nature as much as possible.

My favorite quote

Would have to be something my father always told me, “do it right the first time because you’ll waste more time doing it wrong.”

What I want to know most in life

Why are we here?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

Probably my father; he never liked sitting around, doing nothing. He always wanted to, get out there and do something - anything.