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Elliot Lochansky

Data Operations Analyst

Elliot Lochansky AdvisorEngine

Taking the worry out of data migration

I have been a mainstay with our data migration team for the last 15 years; where I assist new clients as they move their information into our Junxure product. I like to think that the work I do makes our clients feel at ease with transitioning to Junxure knowing that their data has undergone minor cleanup before going live. My additional roles include, but are not limited to: Fish Caretaker, Bacon Chef and Office Decorator.

What brought me here

I was very fortunate in high school to land a technical support job with Winstar Communications where I diagnosed dialup connection issues. My experience there combined with my technical training in school, led me into my next role as Technical Support Specialist with Worden Brother, Inc. It also relocated me from New York to North Carolina.

In 2003, I found myself job hunting. I sent out resume after resume, with no response. Finally, I got one back, but it was from an AOL email account. I recall thinking; should a technology company STILL be using AOL? I decided it was worth a shot and scheduled an interview. I showed up for my interview, wearing a horrible fitting and outdated suit, with the owner of the company wearing a tracksuit. I knew it would be a great fit and have been with Junxure ever since – I also successfully transitioned them away from that AOL account.

How I balance life

I am a pretty stress-free guy. Stress is to me like water is to ducks - it just rolls off me. Sometimes almost to my detriment as my wife will tell you. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my young son. We enjoy camping, relaxing with a good movie and Pokémon hunting. When given the chance, I also can be found smoking a nice cut of meat to enjoy eating.

My favorite quote

As an eagle scout, I have always tried to:

  1. Be prepared for anything
  2. Do a good turn daily

Also, although I am not a religious guy, I do believe in Karma, so I subscribe to “do good to others and good things will come to you.”

What I want to know most in life

I am a firm believer that with all the other planets in the universe, there MUST be intelligent life out there somewhere. I would love the world to know definitively - and if there is intelligent life out there, are they just waiting for us to get our stuff together here before they introduce themselves?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

As a science fiction geek, all things related to space exploration are awesome to me. Back here on earth, I love the fact that we are finally getting to explore the deepest parts of our oceans. I am inspired by the fact that it seems like most of the world is starting to take note about cleaning up our environment.

Closer to home though, my sister inspires me to travel. She has gone on a number of trips overseas and had the opportunity to immerse herself in other cultures. I look forward to one day finally completing our entire home improvement checklist to start saving up and travel like my sister.