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Jacob Nifong

DevOps Engineer

Jacob Nifong AdvisorEngine

Providing prompt updates and solutions

Although my role is dynamic and varies day to day, I bridge the gap between our developers and IT staff. I manage the workflow of our JIRA task board - as DevOps tickets come in, I either triage them myself or assign them to other engineers. Because we are providing an important service to our clients, time management is a priority and I take this role very seriously – I am proud to say that my average response time is less than 15 minutes.

What brought me here

Prior to my role at AdvisorEngine, I did some contract development work. But before that I was a Shop Foreman for BMW/Mini Cooper. I was always involved in automotive technology and realized I had a knack for innovating and problem solving. I decided to go back to school and retool myself – attaining greater industry knowledge and paving a path to development. I was introduced to AdvisorEngine and I have enjoyed contributing to the financial technology industry.

How I balance life

I must admit that right now, life is not as balanced as I would like – between studying and staying busy. But I do try and decompress, move out from behind a screen and get outside as much as possible. I enjoy playing disc golf and have realized there are a ton of disc golf courses and clubs around Raleigh.

What I want to know most in life

Does Vladimir (our Chief Technology Officer) ever sleep?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

I don’t have anyone I would pinpoint exactly, not one person. But I do try to surround myself with people who inspire me in all aspects of my life, whether it is professionally, spiritually or athletically – I grow from there.