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Joseph Norman

Onboarding Engineer

Joseph Norman

Combining deep technical knowledge to cater to client success

I engage with Financial Advisors to accelerate their adoption of all our products. I set expectations, how the product will work, and also what’s expected from the client – understanding personal challenges along the way.

What brought me here

Prior to joining the Junxure/AdvisorEngine team; I worked in the heating and air industry. I serviced and repaired commercial and residential HVAC systems – even had a stent where I worked for the Carolina Hurricanes in the facility services department. I grew on the Chesapeake Bay, and long ago earned a living fishing and pulling up crab pots.

How I balance life

I am single dad, so I spend a lot of time doing things with my kids. I coach soccer and attend their sporting events – when we can; we throw our surfboards in the back of my car and hit the beach to ride the waves. In my spare time, I also enjoy playing sports myself, specifically soccer and hockey.

My favorite quote

"America is all about speed, hot nasty bad-ass speed" - Eleanor Roosevelt quote from the film Talladega Nights

What I want to know most in life

You know, I don’t think there is anything out there that I want to know. I would rather play it by ear.

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

Different people at different times in my life have inspired me. Right now though, I would say my father and my children inspire me the most. My father, who passed away last year, was an avid fisherman. He took me to various places where we would fish together. Now with my children, I seek to do the same. My kids and I are always spending time together as a unit - fishing, kayaking and enjoying all the places my father took me.