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Kurt Weingarten

Tech Support Specialist II

Kurt Weingarten AdvisorEngine

Ready to tackle any client need

I am always prepared for the unexpected, equipped to complete any task. I strive to go above and beyond to make our customers happy and possess a high-level knowledge of all of our AdvisorEngine products. In addition to troubleshooting, I am responsible for tracking the metrics for our entire team.

What brought me here

Reflecting on my life, my time spent in the United State Marine Corp serve as a defining moment in time for me. I was enlisted in the Marines for five years. It truly provided a springboard into my future, magnifying my motivation and my experiences shaped me into the person I am today.

After I was honorably discharged from the Marines, I accepted a position with the Junxure team. A whole lot of life happened during this time – I was married and had children. I made the decision to leave Junxure to explore an opportunity to become a home inspector. I quickly realized the error of my ways, and when presented with an opportunity to rejoin the Junxure team, I jumped on it! I am excited to be back and a part of this amazing team.

How I balance life

Music is my passion and has always been a centering activity in my life; I have played the guitar for years. But it is my family who provides me with a great sense of balance. We enjoy staying active together - whether it’s hitting the beach, exploring a park or spending the weekend camping. I appreciate that AdvisorEngine places great value on family and relationships.

My favorite quote

“Semper Fidelis” – the motto of the U.S. Marine Corp meaning “always loyal”

What I want to know most in life

Honestly, mine is an everyday question -- “what can I do today?” I take life in stride and make sure that no matter what I do; I make a positive impact in someone else’s life.

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

My kids inspire me. I am blessed with two girls, aged 12 and 14. Teenagers - it’s getting real and that alone offers a different adventure everyday. I am motivated to show them that there are so many great things to experience in the world, so they shouldn’t be afraid to try new things.