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Varqa Kozlow

Project Implementation Specialist

Varqa Kozlow AdvisorEngine

Spearheading effectively while ensuring success

I bring over 25 years of technical experience to our onboarding team. I joined Junxure in 2008, helping our clients as they harness the power of smart automation. I have shifted my focus and now supervise and enhance AdvisorEngine’s onboarding processes – utilizing my deep technical background and superior customer service.

What brought me here

I began my career working as a Help Desk Technician at AT&T where I served as the initial point of contact for troubleshooting all IT related problems. I transitioned to Divi Resorts as an IT Specialist. There, I worked to resolve and support end user issues for the resort call center. I essentially was Systems Administrator, supporting over 60 users in a corporate environment as well as 100+ people working remotely on Divi’s Caribbean Resorts. These experiences positioned me well for my role at AdvisorEngine.

How I balance life

Whatever I do outside of work revolves around my 2-year old son. My wife and I are always chasing him around. We did a lot of “living” earlier in life and chose to begin our parenting journey a little later. It is awesome to be able to just focus on our son now.

My favorite quote

“Trust but verify” – Russian proverb

What I want to know most in life

How did the universe begin? I have heard all the theories out there – but I want to know how it actually came to be.

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

My wife inspires me. She is a world traveller and quite the adventurer. I feel fortunate that she takes me with her everywhere she goes. We were actually married abroad in Siena, a city in central Italy’s Tuscany region.