We believe in open-architecture across technology and investments and build everything around you – your brand, your investment philosophy, your employees, your clients

Connect more deeply. 

Our proprietary Kredible program optimizes your online presence – so that you can generate more new prospects and increase close rate on referrals

Account aggregation allows clients to build an intuitive, unified view of their finances across 14,000 financial institutions, and allows you to deliver holistic advice

Goals-based financial planning increases client engagement by bringing investments to life

CRM allows you to manage relationships with simplified, streamlined workflows

Automated alerting reminds you of important client life events and required advisor actions


Deliver results.

Investment analytics allow you to optimize and stress test client portfolios

Portfolio construction services from a team of [WisdomTree] research analysts who can help you deliver personalized investment outcomes for each of your clients

Proprietary open-architecture model portfolios so that you can deliver differentiated investment advice through low-cost ETFs

Tax-efficient trading and rebalancing that supports SMAs, UMAs and advisor-managed models

Subadvisory services for firms who want help on execution

Scale efficiently.

Custodian integrations so that you can run your business your way.  We are integrated with several major custodians, with more on the way

Client onboarding that is paperless and seamless – saving valuable time and making a great first impression for new clients

Performance reporting allows you to show investment results in a clean and flexible way

Compliance monitoring and record-keeping means that you get a clean digital record of all activities – including actions at the client level, household level, advisor level and administrative level…making regulatory and suitability reporting easy  

Billing allows you to collect fees your way – according to your schedules and your processes

Feature by feature.

Scale efficiently. Online account opening

Investment Policy Statements & Customizable Proposal Flow

Performance Reporting (Household performance tab)

Net Worth Statement (Balance Sheet)

Trading and rebalancing integration

Client portal with built-in roboadvisor

Billing, compliance and enterprise controls

Customizable performance report packager (PDF) (Individual Page Setup Screen)

Operational workflows (Money In)

Data Aggregation across 14k+ financial institutions

Customizable models, asset classes and questionnaires

Private-label client portal

Online account opening, supporting ACH and ACAT

Investment Analytics

Performance Reporting

Advisor platform for prospects and client management

Data aggregation

Billing, compliance and enterprise controls