Collaborating with financial advisors to scale their business through purpose-built technology

I deliver comprehensive technology that is capable of addressing all the needs of financial advisors in one single package. It is essential to realize that the next generations of investors will need to be treated differently. Many advisors are not equipped with the technology to accomplish this. I am here to help you win with a competitive advantage.

What brought me here

I have been a mainstay in the Financial Industry for nearly two decades, beginning at JetTrade where we specialized in stocks, mutual funds, online trading and option trading - I was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the brokerage. I transitioned into the Financial Technology space about 10 years ago with eMoney where I truly developed my knack for selling and collaborating while working alongside executives.

Along the way, I have always succeeded in helping advisors implement comprehensive financial plans while preparing their clients for a secure financial future. I pride myself on being a team player that is always dependable and personable.

How I balance life

Family is the reason I go to work everyday. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and three amazing children. Whenever possible, we set out on various adventures in our family camper or any other type of travel -- focusing on experiences together as a family. I also try to squeeze in a good run or a round of golf.

My favorite quote

“If you’re not first, you’re last” -- Ricky Bobby played by Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights

What I want to know most in life

Is there other life out there? The universe is so vast and that leaves me curious if there are other life forms out there somewhere.

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

My wife - she keeps me on my toes! I feel fortunate to have her at my side, always adding balance and inspiring different adventures. She also helps ensure that my “batteries” are always reset and recharged.