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You asked, come get answers: Asset Import Office Hours


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We've had an overwhelming response from those looking to learn more about importing, or syncing, firm data with AdvisorEngine CRM. The benefit is clear - see your firm's historical financial and productivity data all in once place, and let your CRM's dashboard provide visuals that make insights easy to uncover.



Amber Krier, Head of Relationship Management

Kathy Crowley, Senior Business Development Manager

Grant Speer, Senior Product Manager

Daniel Cuevas, Head of Platform Client Success

You may have some lingering questions on how it all works and it might seem daunting to get started. We're opening our doors, an inviting you to "Asset Import Office Hours" to help get your questions answered.

You will:

  • Get refreshed on the Asset Import feature and the benefits it brings
  • Understand the process of getting synced and running
  • Have the opportunity to talk to Product Experts
  • See if your firm qualifies as the right candidate for unlocking this feature

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