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Know (every)where
your clients stand

Data consolidation with AdvisorEngine can help you provide a holistic approach to financial planning—for each and every client.

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Connect client financial data
and unlock your value-add

AdvisorEngine's data consolidation capabilities can help paint a coherent, global financial picture for each of your clients, setting the backdrop your firm needs to provide its best advice.
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Connection = Clarity
By unifying all managed and non-managed account data, advisors can get the perspective they need to provide expertly tailored financial advice across their entire book of business.
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High-quality data in → Enhanced reporting out

With AdvisorEngine, your firm and advisors will gain a deeper understanding of performance dynamics, giving you confidence and insights to help maximize every client interaction.

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The integrations you need

Not only is data organized neatly in one place, it also feeds directly into all other areas of the wealth management platform, including performance reporting.


Powerful data management tools adapt to your business and client needs

To sustainably optimize investment management and client service, firms and advisors need accurate, timely information on both managed and held-away assets.

The industry's deepest custodian integrations

Custodian connectivity, a key strength of AdvisorEngine's wealth management platform, ensures the highest quality data for all managed assets. Our team's daily processes help to ensure accuracy, reliability and functionality to support your business and its clients.

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Multi-custody made easy
AdvisorEngine technology provides a one-stop shop for integrations with multiple custodians, simplifying routine tasks such as account monitoring and maintenance, performance reporting, and billing.
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Outside managed accounts

In addition to the major custodians, our integrations with other partners such as Pontera and DST provide comparable levels of detail for all non-managed assets, including 401K accounts, helping you to provide the best financial advice possible.

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A 360 degree view of ALL client data

Through MX, our data aggregation services partner, we can pull in held-away client information daily from thousands of banks, custodians and other financial institutions, all feeding directly into our platform tools in support of your client service efforts.


Unlock the power of
comprehensive client data

See how you can deliver the best financial advice possible.