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Become a model of efficiency

Access, implement and manage a variety of low-cost ETF models

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Enable business growth
by simplifying investment decisions

Easily implement and manage professionally constructed multi-manager
ETF model portfolios, so you can focus on your business
Models are managed by Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions (FTIS), which has over 70 years of experience and manages over $100 billion in assets
Simplify portfolio construction and management tasks

Grow and successfully manage your business without having to spend the considerable time conducting initial investment due diligence, manually administering trades, monitoring portfolio performance or rebalancing to risk profiles

Re-allocate your time where it matters most

Utilizing professionally managed portfolios and AdvisorEngine technology allows you to spend more time reaching out to clients, strengthening ties and building your business

Core multi-manager ETF model portfolios

Access to a portfolio of ETFs which seek total return and to achieve diversification potential by investing in a combination of active and passive funds from a variety of managers.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Models ETF Portfolios
Dynamic management

Access to actively managed portfolios focusing on sources of expected excess return with an anticipated trading frequency of 4–6 times per year depending on market conditions.

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Equipped with turnkey support

Access to frequent manager commentary, updates, and allocation changes make ongoing servicing a fast track.


Ready to learn more about how to implement models into your practice?