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Fee billing built for
your business

Collect fees and manage revenue your
way with flexible billing solutions
tailored to your firm’s needs

01 Percentage by revenue data grid@1x
01 Percentage by revenue data grid@1x
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Adaptive, automated solutions
optimize the billing process

Spend less time crunching numbers with an automated billing process
that provides more flexibility and transparency
Billing done your way Icn
Automated billing,
done your way
Whether you bill in arrears or in advance, use layered fee structures or have multiple fee schedules, calculate average balance or use period end, our billing solutions adapt to fit your processes, not the other way around.
Automation-driven efficiency Icn
Transparency =
client trust

Drill down into period-by-period data from client fee collections to advisor payouts, and help clients understand exactly how fees were generated with historic reporting capabilities.

Fee generation and  collection transparency Icn
No more "fat finger"

Reduce errors with guided configurations for fee settings and a billing platform which fully details the math behind all results, significantly reducing the need for manual calculations.


Powerful billing features,
tailored to your business

Flexible billing solutions built to adapt to your fee schedules and structures - so you can run your business your way.

Fully configurable fee scheduling

Flexible, automated billing lets you collect fees in advance or in arrears, monthly or quarterly, using customizable fee types and schedules, easily assigned at the group, advisor and individual client levels. Fee structure options include asset-based or subscription-based pricing.

Built-in compliance support

An auditor wants to see all the billing details from the past six months? Pick that period in the dashboard to review the billing details as all information is compliantly stored in a secured system.

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Adapts to your business needs

Our billing platform can handle even the most advanced billing requirements, including discounts, exclusions, overrides, advisor fee splits, billing households and flexible fee periods.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Fee Billing Advanced Capability
Seamless advance billing

For accounts billed in advance, improve efficiency and transparency by automatically netting adjustments for the prior period into the next period's advance bill.

Revenue dashboard

Utilize a newly designed, dynamic dashboard with visualizations that turn raw data into deeper insights on revenue trends and billing details. Provide decision-making support across your firm and empower quick action on items like Cash Shortages and Accounts in Error.

01 Percentage by revenue data grid@1x
Valuable integrations

Account information pulled in from integration partners such as Pontera can also interact with our billing engine, either to have fees generated for them if you are servicing those accounts independently, or for breakpoint determination for complete households.

Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at 4.16.44 PM (1) Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at 4.16.44 PM (1)
Branded invoices

Our billing platform's various reports and invoices can be branded with your firm's look and feel, helping to enhance the client experience you provide.


Hear from advisors improving
efficiency with automated billing

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I looked at a lot of different platforms but AdvisorEngine helped us and had the integrations we needed. And the ability to integrate the AdvisorEngine wealth management platform for advisors with our current technologies made it easy for us to gain new functionality without having to completely abandon the tools we had been relying on for years. It was the definition of a win-win.”

Jacque L


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You have a great product, a wonderful team to work with, and I am happily satisfied with how we are able to use AdvisorEngine to meet so many of our needs in giving our clients red carpet service as well as having what we need to meet compliance regulations. Great job!”

Gizatta Law

Client Relations Associate,
Financial Designs Corp.

Streamline your billing

See how our flexible, efficient solutions adapt to your unique billing needs