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An investment planning tool
as personal as it is scientific

Through our partnership with Franklin Templeton, AdvisorEngine clients can create, fund and implement financial plans within a unified platform

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Reframe your client conversations around what matters most to them

Scalable, holistic investment planning tool supports specific client goals and deepens client relationships
Holistic investment planning

Improve your ability to understand and support specific client situations and goals and provide the foundation for a disciplined, long-term investment strategy

Achieve efficiency and scale

Manage goals-based accounts en masse with automated trading and rebalancing tools

Create synergies with a unified platform

Work with clients to quickly create highly personalized financial plans that can be fully implemented without jumping through multiple systems or encountering repetitive steps


Keep calm and plan along

Help clients navigate short-term volatility by building a disciplined investment strategy based on their specific investment characteristics and goals

Highly detailed and personal investment paths

Once a client's financial goals are determined, an initial investment path is created based on risk tolerance questionnaire. From there, advisors can leverage a highly interactive investment path to understand the accumulation and decumulation of wealth, including important milestones, taxes and social security.

Multiple short- and long-term goal types

In addition to long-term retirement planning, create value for clients by layering in a variety of goals along the way, including education planning, real estate purchases and sales, home renovations, weddings and vacations.

Account for held-away assets

Advisors can incorporate held-away accounts into their clients' plans, broadening the scope of their financial portrait and improving the foundation of their long-term plans.


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Valuable alerts

See how any client's plan is doing based on current dynamics and benefit from a number of valuable alerts, including missed contributions, unexpected withdrawals, and when plans fall below probability thresholds.

Plan Comparison
Client-led planning capabilities

When desired, advisors can also allow clients to build goals-based plans all on their own within the AdvisorEngine Client Portal.

Funding Alternate
Full model flexibility

AdvisorEngine's goals-based planning tool adapts to an advisor's approach. Advisors can utilize their own models and capital market expectations, or, if desired, leverage insights and strategies provided by Franklin Templeton's Investment Solutions team.

Core multi-manager ETF model portfolios@2x (1)
Fully integrated with AdvisorEngine's portfolio management suite

A full suite of portfolio management tools helps to manage a variety of goals-based plans: operate efficiently with client onboarding and fee billing tools, leverage automated trading and rebalancing features to keep allocations aligned with plans, and easily monitor key events over time with custom alerts and performance reporting.


See our goals-based planner in action

Watch a short demo of how simple the tool is to use, keeping clients on track over time.