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Access the insights
you need to grow
your firm

Use real-time and historical data information to support your biggest business decisions

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01 Percentage by revenue data grid@1x
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Run your business with confidence

Bring all of your firm’s information and data into the decision making process
Turn complex data into actionable opportunities Icn
Complex data
made simple

Organize vast amounts of data into valuable insights using only the information you need.

Detailed performance metrics Icn
performance insights

Quickly and easily identify your top-performing advisors by AUM, revenue growth, and data trends over time.

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backed by data

Stay on top of business status and activities as you look to improve decision-making and capitalize on new opportunities for your firm.


Dashboards that provide better
business intelligence

Leverage powerful resources to monitor current metrics and track historical performance trends at both the firm and advisor-level

Revenue dashboard

Utilize a newly designed, dynamic dashboard with visualizations that turn raw data into deeper insights on revenue trends and billing details. Provide decision-making support across your firm and empower quick action on items like Cash Shortages and Accounts in Error.

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Trend intelligence

Monitor trends and identify areas of opportunity with historical breakdowns and analyses of asset, account and advisor activities over standard and customizable periods of time.

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Business analytics

Leverage all of your complex data to gain valuable business insights at both the firm and advisor levels with configurable asset, account and holdings views.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Business Intelligence Configuration Capabilities

Hear from firms making better
data-driven business decisions

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I looked at a lot of different platforms but AdvisorEngine helped us and had the integrations we needed. And the ability to integrate the AdvisorEngine wealth management platform for advisors with our current technologies made it easy for us to gain new functionality without having to completely abandon the tools we had been relying on for years. It was the definition of a win-win.”

Jacque L


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If we had to describe our overall experience with AdvisorEngine in one word, it would be ‘relief’. Productivity has increased, financial planning has become simpler with the goals-based financial planning tools, client engagement is at an all-time high - it relieves us that we can do less admin and spend more time helping our clients.”

Malise Holder

Independent Financial Advisor,
Trifecta Trading

Make the decisions that
drive faster growth

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