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Rebalancing with
an emphasis on

Manage more accounts in less time using a scalable, personalized approach

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Trading Rebalancing
AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Trading Rebalancing
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Meet the unique needs of
each client – at scale

Our trading and rebalancing platform enables better portfolio performance with increased
operational efficiencies and customizable, tax-efficient automation
Manage an unlimited Icn
Manage an unlimited
number of accounts
Instead of rebalancing portfolios manually, household by household, our automated workflows simplify and streamline the rebalancing process so you can manage more accounts more efficiently.
Customize client service at scale Icn
Customize client
service at scale

From the firm level down to the account level, built-in settings such as allocation weights, product mix, sector and security restrictions and social screens account for individual client preferences.

Optimize tax efficiency Icn
Optimize tax

Enables your firm to execute various tax management strategies, including tax-loss harvesting, the short-to-long term gains deferral, permanent gains deferral and tax-sensitive transition, in an automated fashion.


Do more in less time on our scalable,
tax-efficient portfolio management platform

Account for individual client preferences and take advantage of powerful tax-advantaged
opportunities without spending your entire day trading and rebalancing

Personalized tax efficiency

Your firm’s personalized rebalancing policy and investment approach are built right into the platform, with tax management settings that can be customized at either the firm or individual account level.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Rebalancing Policy
En masse trading functionality

Save time and increase efficiency across your firm by queuing trades en masse and sending them directly to the custodian for execution.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Trading Functionality
Efficient cash management

Easily account for clients’ individual cash requirements and cash flow planning with minimum and maximum cash bands, accumulation levels, and automated processing based on recurring contribution and withdrawal needs.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Cash Management

How AdvisorEngine, Smartleaf and BNY Mellon’s Pershing integrate for modern trading and rebalancing

Are you looking to leverage model-driven rebalancing capabilities with technology? AdvisorEngine integrates across multiple custodians, enabling advisors to embrace innovation without disrupting their business.

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Hear from advisors scaling
their portfolio management processes

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AdvisorEngine is the technology solution that meets all our needs for client onboarding, account opening and website enhancement tools. Partnering with the team at AdvisorEngine has helped us establish our relevance in being contemporary; their solutions help anticipate changes in client behavior."

Brian Vendig

President and Managing Executive,
MJP Wealth Advisors

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AdvisorEngine offers an automated platform that fits practically into any advisor-client structure."

Kemi Chavez

Engagement Director,
Starlight Portfolios

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