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Build client-specific portfolios,
at scale

Utilize the world's most intuitive Custom Indexing platform, Canvas 

 Canvas is a leader in Custom Indexing
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Create personalized portfolios,
at scale


Historically, advisors had to mix off-the-shelf products that weren't built with any one client in mind. Tax inefficiency, overlapping positions, unintended exposures, and high active costs are all inherent challenges in this one-to-many approach.


In the early 2000s, Direct Indexing began to emerge as an alternative, helping to address these challenges by owning securities directly rather than limiting oneself to a potentially cumbersome set of pooled investment vehicles.  


Thanks to technology, the next evolution of Direct Indexing - Custom Indexing - builds on the tax management advantages of Direct Indexing but takes personalization a step further: incorporate proprietary factor exposures (value, yield, momentum, low volatility), tilt towards and restrict across multiple ESG categories, reduce overall portfolio risk through security level restrictions and tax-aware transitions.


Through our partnership with O'Shaughnessy Asset Management (OSAM), you can see first hand how Canvas, a leading technology in Custom Indexing, can help your business.

Prepare to customize.

Your AdvisorEngine support team can connect you to a Canvas team member to obtain a demo of how to put this technology in place for your practice.