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Personalize your clients' experience with a modern client portal

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A collaborative pursuit of
financial success

Empower and engage your clients as you guide them towards their investment goals
A personalized brand Icn(2)
A personalized
brand experience
Our client portal is fully white-labeled exclusively to your brand no AdvisorEngine logo in sight placing you squarely in the center of your clients’ wealth management journey.
Trust-building transparency Icn(1)

Clients can quickly and conveniently view portfolio performance data, including transactions, holdings, and asset allocation, helping to build trust within the advisor-client relationship.

Control client views Icn
client views

To reduce friction and cut down on unnecessary information, you can decide what your clients see within the portal and customize those settings for each client, depending on their needs.


Improve engagement with an
elevated client experience

Lead a streamlined wealth management journey that empowers clients to be active participants in their pursuit of financial goals

Completely configurable

Create multiple white-labeled client portal experiences for different sub-brands, account segments, or advisors, all managed from a centralized location. You can also configure settings to include onboarding and funding, or use the portal exclusively for reporting and communication. 

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Dynamic reporting capabilities

Empower your clients with engaging, easy-to-understand portfolio reports that show up-to-date performance data, as well as portfolio and model analytics including risk/return information, forecasting, and drift reporting. Dynamic, engaging graphs help illustrate changes in performance and what drove changes in account behavior over time.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Client Portal - Reporting
Document vault

Securely share important information with clients using the convenient Document vault, which provides access to documents you upload, custodian statements, performance reports, billing invoices and more.

AdvisorEngine Wealth Management Technology - Document Vault
Client-driven workflows

Clients can directly initiate and manage basic tasks such as account openings and cash transfers instead of calling their advisor.

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Client advice dashboard

Advisors can easily track different types of prospect and client activity and tailor support accordingly, allowing clients to capitalize on compelling self-service features while staying in the loop.

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Hear from advisors delivering
better client experiences

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AdvisorEngine offers an automated platform that fits practically into any advisor-client structure."

Kemi Chavez

Engagement Director,
Starlight Portfolios

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You have a great product, a wonderful team to work with, and I am happily satisfied with how we are able to use AdvisorEngine to meet so many of our needs in giving our clients red carpet service as well as having what we need to meet compliance regulations.
Great job!”

Gizatta Law

Client Relations Associate,
Financial Designs Corp.

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