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  • Dani Fava

    Dani Fava

    Carson Group
    Chief Strategy Officer


    Dani Fava is the Chief Stratey Officer at Carson Group, where she leads the charge in integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to enhance the firm's offerings and drive industry advancements. With a rich background in financial technology and a passion for transforming the advisor-client experience, Dani is instrumental in developing solutions that streamline operations and foster growth.

    Before joining Carson Group, Dani held key roles at prominent financial services firms, where she spearheaded initiatives that leveraged emerging technologies to improve financial planning and wealth management processes. Her deep understanding of the intersection between technology and finance, coupled with her forward-thinking approach, has made her a respected voice and thought leader in the industry.

    Dani's commitment to innovation is reflected in her work, where she consistently identifies and implements tools and platforms that not only meet the current needs of advisors but also anticipate future trends. Her leadership is pivotal in ensuring that Carson Group remains at the forefront of the financial advisory landscape, offering unparalleled value to its clients and partners.

    With a career dedicated to enhancing the financial services industry through technological innovation, Dani Fava continues to drive impactful change, helping advisors to better serve their clients and grow their practices.