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  • Danielle White

    Danielle White

    Myriad Advisor Solutions


    Danielle White, CEO of Myriad Advisor Solutions, has been with the firm since 2009. She uses her experience in the financial services industry and business arena to lead a team of approximately 60 as they seek to provide a broad array of all-encompassing, premier solutions for small business owners who, like Myriad, are always seeking to become more efficient, effective, and profitable.

    Danielle's passion is educating and empowering small business owners across the nation, helping them to achieve their goals by alleviating the operational demands and challenges that new and growing businesses invariably face. While the company’s focus has been primarily on supporting breakaway brokers as they move toward independence and independent financial advisors as they seek to scale and grow, Myriad also works with a short list of other types of businesses on an individual needs-and-interests basis.

    In addition to her responsibilities at Myriad, Danielle is a proud member of The Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants®, a think-tank, designed to share best practices for businesses in order to continually enhance the client experience. She is also heavily involved with the Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO Iowa Chapter). Through these and other outlets, she is able to hone and provide a wide breadth of knowledge in business operations: everything from technology and marketing to human resources and telecommunications, all in an effort to help small business owners and breakaway financial advisors succeed in uncertain markets and an ever-changing business landscape.