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  • Paul Samuelson

    Paul Samuelson

    Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder


    Paul comes from an extended family of prominent economists and advisors to presidents. He carries on the Samuelson tradition, writing the complex algorithms at the core of LifeYield technology that empowers financial advisors and firms to minimize clients’ taxes and maximize their retirement income.

    Paul’s career includes roles as chief investment officer at PanAgora Investment Management and before that as a leader, consultant and partner at investment companies including Hagler, Mastrovita and Hewitt; Colonial Management Associates; and Acadian Financial Management.

    With LifeYield co-founder Mark Hoffman, he started Upstream Technologies, where he was the architect of the investment processes and algorithms for the firm’s pioneering unified managed account (UMA) technology.

    Paul is a Phi Beta Kappa and cum laude graduate of Williams College and holds a Ph.D. in finance and M.S.M. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Paul loves to sail, golf, run, swim and row. He gets around town (always wearing a helmet) on Boston’s Bluebike shared bikes.