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  • Shawna Ohm

    Shawna Ohm

    Content 151


    Shawna Ohm is the founder of Content 151. Content 151 solves marketing problems for financial services firms, specifically financial advisors. Their goal is to make it easy to create customized, on-brand content to improve customer relationships and win the right prospects.

    Shawna spent five years in broadcast, print and digital journalism, with a focus on financial news. From there, she switched to content marketing and used her writing and audience skills to create unique, impactful content for Wall Street banks and major brokerages. Shawna's expertise comes from hands-on, in-the-weeds work in audience research, content audits, storyline generation, video shoots, website redesigns, strategy, distribution, corporate integration and more...not to mention writing, editing, copy editing, quality control, and the rest.