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Matt Levinson

Software Developer

Matt Levinson AdvisorEngine

Passionate front-end developer focusing on user needs

I work in conjunction with many AdvisorEngine teams, determining our top priorities for action, while advancing our purpose-built technology for financial advisors. I streamline our platform, enhance the features and add consistencies.

What brought me here

I graduated with a master’s degree in finance and my background lies in the corporate finance world. I transitioned into web development after briefly being a product owner and designer. This job allows me to carry my product and design knowledge forward, as there are many parallels to my past experiences with my current work here at AdvisorEngine.

How I balance life

I balance life by remaining active – going to the gym, biking and running. I also like going to concerts and listening to live music, while enjoying craft beer along the way. My wife and I recently bought a house and have begun renovating it in order to make it our own.

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

I would say my wife inspires that sense of adventure in me. She is a really positive person, who is full of energy, and that gets me going everyday.