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Peter Kamaris

PHP Software Engineer

Peter Kamaris

Developing new features and fixing bugs

I am one of the PHP developers at AdvisorEngine and am responsible for writing server-side web application logic. I develop new features and fix any bugs as they arise. The minute I walk in the door, I am ready to communicate and collaborate with my team to ensure the constant integrity of our platform.

What brought me here

I began my career as a Software Engineer at Krossover, a sports analytic company that provides digital services, game footage break down, sports analytics and statistics. I worked directly with sports athletes, coaches and trainers to build and customize on-demand film analysis in order to create virtual statisticians. A co-worker from Krossover introduced me to AdvisorEngine and that is what brought me here.

How I balance life

Outside of work, I enjoy playing basketball, biking and hiking. On occasion, you will find me setting out on a road trip to explore New York and the surrounding states. I have a passion for photography, learning about other cultures, and picking up bits of foreign languages. When relaxing at home, I can be found binge watching the latest TV shows.

My favorite quote

“Beggars can’t be choosers” - John Heywood

What I want to know most in life

I have always been very curious about Stonehenge – why was it built?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

Throughout my life, my uncle and my cousin have always inspired me. I have learned a lot from them – responsibility, new hobbies and all sorts of general life stuff. They both serve as mentors to me.