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Rafal Czapski

Product Designer

AdvisorEngine Rafal Czapski

Designing for humans

Through a user centered design process, I ensure the experiences we build are based on the needs of our clients. Through close collaboration with cross-functional teams across the entire organization, I am able to design innovative solutions to our clients’ biggest pain-points. Using various design methodologies and frameworks, I validate our ideas early and often to ensure we can move quickly towards the best outcomes.

What brought me here

I’ve worked in a lot of different industries, with a lot of different companies - Sesame Workshop, Amazon and Prudential to name a few. My passion for using design and technology to create extraordinary user experiences remains constant. I have also worked with a lot of incredibly talented people and stakeholders over the years, discovering ways to move quickly and validate design ideas. Through it all I have learned that it’s more about the process than the end solutions.

How I balance life

I balance life by focusing on family. I have two young children and strive to be present in the moment by being the best husband and father I can. I savor our time together as a family. I also enjoy being out in nature, with as little technology as possible. A lot of my creative thinking is inspired by nature.

My favorite quote

“Najpierw być a potem mieć.” It’s a polish saying translated as “first be, then have” – meaning in order to have something, you have to be something. My dad lived by these words; he inspired me to do the same.

What I want to know most in life

Does Bigfoot actually exist?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

My kids inspire me; they manage to keep things interesting. That’s the adventure of parenting, you never know what to expect. It requires certain flexibility because it’s all so very non-linear. For me this journey is huge for feeding my creativity –always coming up with a new wacky and weird approach to understanding my kids.