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Robin Zeratsky

Technical Writer

Robin Zeratsky AdvisorEngine 1

Responsible for all client-facing documentation

I am responsible for all client-facing documentation and in-product messaging through our Pendo platform. I take what the products can do, determine what documentation will be helpful, and create that documentation for our online help center. I also maintain that help center, taking care of the styling, presentation, and organization. I look for means to assist the clients right within the app using the Pendo overlay through tooltips and walkthroughs. I respond to Support requests for additional documentation and Product requests for in-app notifications. My primary goal is communication; ensuring that whatever it is we need to say is said in the most accurate, concise, and clear way possible, leaving no room for misunderstandings or ambiguity.

What brought me here

Raised under a mother who was a System Admin made technology a hobby of mine. A previous career in public ministry made communication one of my strongest skills. A desire to stop suffering Midwest winters made me move to Raleigh. And a bizarre coincidence of interviewing with the wife of my current boss got me hired at Junxure.

How I balance life

I balance life by setting firm limits of where work ends. I like what I do, and I enjoy coming to work. But family is first, and work is a means to support family. I don’t take it home. I enjoy walking regularly and relaxing quietly with TV, games, movies and my wife.

My favorite quote

“Memento Mori”

What I want to know most in life

Nope, I’m good.

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

My wife. Maybe not adventure but wonder and simple joy.