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Roosevelt Holmes

Platform QA Manager

Roosevelt Holmes AdvisorEngine

Utilizing analytical thinking to develop intricate ideas

I work alongside our developers and product managers to deliver quality products to our clients. I have a knack for thinking like our customers, considering their perspective in order to increase the productivity of our software. Encouraging efficient communications across the product, client support and QA teams, I ensure our software is being built effectively.

What brought me here

I am one of the Junxure “originals.” I have been here for 11 years. Simply put, what brought me here was the desire to join a team that had a culture of putting clients first. I appreciated that Junxure was not building something just to build something; instead it was a vision, created out of the need to support financial advisors. Plus, everyone on our team has that “can do” attitude and is always making strides to be better.

Prior to Junxure, I worked as a Systems Analyst with Verifone - working with technology for payment solutions; delivering secure electronic payments among consumers, merchants, and financial institutions. I was responsible for providing operational and incident management services across Verifone’s enterprise technology; constantly making sure information was secure.

How I balance life

Outside of work, I enjoy hanging out with my family. My 4-year old son brings such joy to our family life. I also appreciate down time and relaxing. On occasion, have been known to build a computer or arcade cabinet from scratch.

My favorite quote

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

What I want to know most in life

If everyone in the world got everything they have ever wanted, would they be happy?

Who inspires a sense of adventure in me

My son, Logan, inspires me – seeing his sense of wonder and how he views everything in the world; it makes me want to go and explore more things with him.