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Celebrating Carly de Diego, our Chief Client Officer
Craig Ramsey

By: Craig Ramsey on November 20th, 2019

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Celebrating Carly de Diego, our Chief Client Officer

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I feel fortunate to work with Carly de Diego. She brings positivity and intensity to her role as Chief Client Officer. Her leadership directly benefits the wealth management firms that use our technology every day.

So it’s well-deserved that Carly is getting some industry attention. Just this week alone, she  was interviewed by leadership publication Authority Magazine and received special recognition from a group called NYC Fintech Women.

Authority magazine interview

Authority Magazine highlights leadership lessons from authorities in business, film, sports and technology. Here's what Carly had to say in the interview that sheds some light on her background:

"I was raised in a small Nebraska town by entrepreneurial parents. From the ages of 7 and 8 my sister and I worked at our dad’s small-town grocery store. We helped with everything; unloading delivery trucks, facing shelves, peeling onions, wrapping raw meat, breaking down boxes, restocking candy (my favorite) and most importantly, counting back change to customers. My dad wholeheartedly believed in teaching us the value of a dollar…and how to go about earning one — while modeling a strong work ethic along the way.

My parents have always served as role models for fiscal responsibility and exceptional money management. They were able to support our family, retire early and now are enjoying life, debt-free. This commitment to financial freedom and investing wisely was actually what motivated me to consider opportunities in the field of finance. It is also something that I aspire to pass along to my children; the ability to have a healthy relationship with money."

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NYC FinTech women inspiring female leaders

Some quick background on the organization that recognized Carly this week - NYC FinTech Women is a community aimed to support women in their professional advancement within the financial technology industry. They host group events giving innovative women the opportunity to meet, network and discuss all things FinTech; including wealth management, payments, mobile, social, lending, crypto currency, artificial intelligence (AI) and more.

Each year the organization recognizes women who embody its mission - to strengthen the FinTech ecosystem by empowering and sponsoring women who are transformative. 

The AdvisorEngine® team thinks that Carly’s recognition this year is well-deserved. Throughout her career at TD Ameritrade, Merrill Lynch and AdvisorEngine, she has been an effective, execution-minded leader.

CCO = Chief Client Officer = Chief ‘Crushing It’ Officer


Several years ago, AdvisorEngine defined our company’s core values. Towards the end, we realized that all of our values except for one started with the letter “C.”

Determined to make it a clean sweep, Carly came up with ‘Crushing It’ - and we added it to the list. 

1) Camaraderie

2) Curiosity

3) Clarity

4) Creativity

5) Crushing It

6) Celebration

She consistently embodies all of these values in her pursuit of delivering amazing client service. 

A message from Carly 

Upon hearing the news of her recognition, Carly wanted to share some words of appreciation. 

Carly AdvisorEngine Award


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About Craig Ramsey

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