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AdvisorEngine celebrates 20 years of T3

The T3 conference is the longest-running event dedicated to advisor technology, and it marked its 20th anniversary in Las Vegas at The Cosmopolitan Hotel.

During the reveal of the annual advisor tech survey this year, T3 co-founder Joel Bruckenstein noted that AdvisorEngine CRM is “the fastest-growing solution in the category, which means that the advisory world has noticed its totally rewritten CRM engine."

One of the most impactful panels at the event featured Ritholtz Wealth Management leaders Josh Brown and Michael Batnick alongside AdvisorEngine® CEO Rich Cancro.

The popular media personalities, podcasters and RIA owners shared with the audience their journey toward building a new wealth management offering, which they delivered in partnership with AdvisorEngine.

Cancro noted that to ensure growth, firms must be able to serve new segments of clients, as the High-Net-Worth clients of tomorrow are being made today.

The Ritholtz partnership news comes on the heels of AdvisorEngine’s latest integrations with Schwab Advisor Services – AdvisorEngine is the first to provide firms access to Schwab’s iRebal and has expanded its onboarding support for clients with Schwab.

Cancro returned to the main stage with Chief Operating Officer Craig Ramsey to deliver a timely presentation for firms facing growth hurdles. Successful firms, the pair pointed out, experience bigger blind spots for growth – in the areas of people, processes and platform technology.

The presentation was packed with useful tips – Ramsey shared with the audience a methodology to determine how to measure staff against company values to determine best fits, for example.

Eighty-nine percent of RIAs believe that providing a high-quality digital experience to clients is an important competitive advantage, Cancro and Ramsey noted. But only 34% have advanced past the development stage, reflecting a strategy-to-execution gap. The time to make changes is now, they pointed out.

T3 audiences also gathered to hear AdvisorEngine Chief Technology Officer Raj Madan and Chief Growth Officer Ned Dane discuss key tech opportunities for enterprise firms in Artificial Intelligence, next-gen clients and quantum computing.

Several attendees raised their phones to record Madan’s explanation of how the next wave of quantum computing will have an outsized impact on wealth management, particularly in portfolio management and risk profiling.

Beth Haddock, AdvisorEngine’s Chief Legal Officer, was also a draw for attendees seeking to understand the SEC’s priorities for 2024. Haddock has gained a loyal following from her ongoing compliance series, which often breaks down complex regulatory issues into easy-to-follow walkthroughs, complete with downloadable guides and resources.

AdvisorEngine continued its focus on building community - including a special reveal of a Hollywood-style ‘Star Walk’ honoring industry leaders. 

AdvisorEngine also produced a special commemorative T3 issue of Action! magazine, which featured actionable insights from several industry leaders, advice for young firms and fintechs, and a timeline of wealthtech evolution.

Until the next T3!

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Suleman Din

Suleman Din

Suleman Din is AdvisorEngine's Advisor Intelligence Lead. Previously he oversaw technology coverage for American Banker and Financial Planning. At Financial Planning, Din launched ReinventWealth, the first newsletter dedicated to covering the evolution of digital wealth management and helped establish its INVEST conference. Previously, Din was a contributing editor to Knowledge@Wharton, the online business journal of the Wharton School of Business, and reported for the Newark Star-Ledger, where his coverage of the Asian tsunami in 2004 earned him a finalist nod for the Livingston Awards.


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