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Christy Rogers uses running and technology to stay sharp

This operations and compliance coordinator started running during her lunch breaks.

11 marathons and 75 half-marathons later, Christy Rogers has hit her stride as a leader. 🏃

Christy Rogers stays busy at work and at home. She serves as Operations and Compliance Coordinator for Sheaff Brock – a fee-only wealth management firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She’s also a mother of three children.

Her busy schedule is satisfying. But it can also be hectic, so she uses running and technology to keep calm.

A daily routine 

"Running is the best stress reliever"

“At Sheaff Brock, I wear a few different hats. We have found that there is a key overlap between operations and compliance – so I assist with both.” Rogers said.

“Leading a group of six people to provide exceptional service to our clients is one of my favorite aspects of my work. We are responsible for taking care of client needs and ensuring compliance.”

Rogers has found that a daily run during lunchtime does wonders for her productivity.

“Running is the best stress reliever and makes for a much more productive afternoon,” she said. “I’m a firm believer that no matter how busy you are, taking a break to get out of the office is better for everyone—and we will all get more done and feel better because of it.”

CRM lessons learned

"I find Junxure® to be much more capable and intuitive"

“At my last firm – where I also led a client service team – we used a competitor to Junxure. It represented a big learning curve. The embedded version of Microsoft Dynamics was a bit wonky and certainly not user-friendly – you needed a different brain to work in that system.” 

“At Sheaff Brock, we use Junxure. I’ve now been here a little over a year, and I can see a tremendous difference. We’ve enhanced and increased our efficiency a lot – and I find the system to be much more capable and intuitive.”💡


"Workflows have made it possible to enhance our processes and to operate efficiently.” 

“Once we were able to really dig into the workflows structured within the Junxure product, we quickly realized how they help complete the work we were already doing for our clients -- but with much more efficiency and with seamless documentation of all our actions.”

Rogers values these workflows because they allow her entire team to operate more efficiently.

Going through an annual compliance review 

“During our most recent annual compliance review, we realized how the implementation of Junxure is truly enhancing our business. Through our use of workflows and actions, we are able to utilize the grid functionality easily to create clear and accurate lists of specific transactions - such as new relationships, new accounts, ADV sent, etc.”

The use of CRM is an integral part of Rogers daily work routine. Junxure allows for a streamlined process for all daily tasks, while providing enhanced efficiency -- the end result is the ability to do more for Sheaff Brock’s clients in less time.

“The use of grids and workflows allow us to track what we are doing for our clients - how we are doing it and whether we are doing it well.”


New initiatives

As for new initiatives, her team is preparing to launch Veo One through TD Ameritrade and set up the marketing integration between Junxure and Constant Contact for prospect and client communications.


Rogers is the mother of three grown children—all taking their own paths to success. 

“There is no question I can be pretty controlling, but they have all turned out well and are thriving, self-sufficient adults!” she joked.

Two of her children have been through college, with one of them now completing a second degree in nursing at Xavier. 🎓

The third and youngest was smart enough to do well in technology without college. “He actually had a scholarship to Indiana University but found that route not for him—he is doing exactly what he wanted to do in technology and is happy at it.”💻

Rogers’ always-on-the-go personality has been key to balancing work and home life. Just don’t ask her to give up running or her CRM.


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Craig Ramsey

Craig Ramsey

Craig translates vision into action – ensuring alignment and driving operational excellence across the company. He leads the executive management committee and helps the team measure success to stay on track. Craig is a business builder with a background in corporate strategy, investment banking and consulting. He joined AdvisorEngine from WisdomTree – a global asset manager driven by research and technology (NASDAQ: WETF) – where he led strategy, helped establish an international presence and pushed the company beyond ETFs into technology solutions. Craig has prior experience at BofA Merrill Lynch, Accenture, Croft & Bender and UBS. He graduated from Vanderbilt University and completed coursework at London School of Economics and Peking University in Beijing. Craig serves on the advisory board for Back on My Feet, a nonprofit which combats homelessness through running and community support.


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