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Junxure CRM reporting is now 6x faster + user performance tips

By: AdvisorEngine® on September 24th, 2020

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Junxure CRM reporting is now 6x faster + user performance tips

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We are excited to announce new enhancements to our Junxure® product, designed significantly to reduce the time it takes to produce reports.

A financial advisor’s time is best spent servicing clients and building relationships, not sitting in front of a screen, waiting for data to load. With that in mind, we’ve rebuilt our functionality to maximize performance. Now, for instance, Action reports will load and be ready to print six times faster.

Maximizing reporting

As part of the process to continually improve the user experience with our Junxure system, we investigated areas to accelerate performance -- and reporting became our primary focus. 

After careful investigation and research, the team decided to rebuild our storage database to improve memory management, explained AdvisorEngine Product Manager Jason Kissinger. Junxure was then tested in different environments to ensure performance was being achieved across standard and custom reports. 

“When we replaced the storage database with a new one that we rebuilt, we started to see incredible improvement,” Kissinger said. “Other conditions may affect times, but we are confident our users will enjoy a vast improvement in speed across the board.”

Indeed, users are already experiencing a difference.

“The new reporting update has been amazing by the way! This has been a big win for me personally,” said Matthew Brown of JNBA Financial Advisors

Sheila Epps of Sage Rutty & Company agreed, “It used to take about a minute to load most reports, now I literally just click and it opens. This is so awesome!”

User tips for even faster performance

Junxure clients can take steps to optimize reporting within their own user environment. Our team has three suggestions: 

  1. Internet speed -- Make sure to test your internet speed and connection often. Be aware that reports can zap speed within your internet capabilities.

  2. Action notes -- These notes should just be something that describes the action or the information you want someone to know about the action. Make sure your action notes are not too lengthy, it’s not the place to write a novel.

  3. Data consistency -- It’s always good to have up-to-date and consistent data.  This ensures that you aren’t pulling reports with data that you don’t need. Sometimes inaccurate data can skew the reporting functionality. 

Added John Haas, head of training and consulting: “I would recommend that firms keep good, consistent data. Without consistency, reporting is very difficult. Your CRM is only as powerful as the data in it -- outdated and stale data will only hurt your bottom line.”

At AdvisorEngine, we’re constantly working to make your processes more efficient and intuitive, so you can focus on what’s important -- your business. Let us show you how. 

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