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AdvisorEngine and Franklin Templeton unveil wealth management’s next evolution of goals-based planning

New York, April 2nd, 2024 –

Creating, funding and implementing a financial plan and related investment strategies are all connected within one platform, unifying the advisor and client experience

Scalable, holistic investment planning tool supports specific client goals and deepens advisor-client relationships
AdvisorEngine®, the financial experience company, released today the next generation of its scalable financial planning ecosystem, offering investment
advisors and their clients a planning experience within a comprehensive wealth management platform that is simple to engage with and adaptable to needs over time.

For the first time, advisors can work with clients to quickly create and fund a financial plan that can be fully implemented without jumping through multiple systems or enduring repetitive steps. 

AdvisorEngine’s goals-based planning tool, developed in collaboration with Franklin Templeton, is seamlessly embedded into its platform and workflows – outputs from a client’s plan, for instance, automatically kicks off implementation by the advisor, providing wealth management firms unmatched scalability thanks to AdvisorEngine’s industry-leading custodian integrations.

AdvisorEngine’s platform capabilities are developed to support the entire advisor-client relationship as a connected, ongoing experience, giving advisors the opportunity to continue engaging their clients on the guidance they value most. 

The key actions in a client’s lifecycle are supported within the AdvisorEngine platform: client profiling, plan proposals, opening and funding an account, portfolio implementation, and ongoing account maintenance, including rebalancing, reporting and billing. Advisors can select to have prospects and clients initiate the process through a fully connected, highly configurable
white-label client portal.

AdvisorEngine utilizes smart automation to simplify advisors’ investment tasks. Advisors and clients can easily open and fund multiple accounts, while deep portfolio management connectivity takes tracking client activity off the advisor’s plate – timely alerts nudge them to review potential plan changes or required service. 

“Advisors now have the power to drive a highly customized, engaging goals-based planning experience with their clients,” said AdvisorEngine CEO Rich Cancro. “We are building upon our ethos of delivering efficiency of scale and giving time back to advisors to help them focus on their clients and growing their business.”

“We’ve integrated scalable financial advice that is personalized to each investor’s goals into a wealth management platform that handles many aspects of an advisor’s daily practice,” said Deep Srivastav, head of AI and Digital Transformation for Franklin Templeton. “Advisors have more time to focus on developing client relationships, uncovering client goals and demonstrating
their true value.”

  • Highly detailed, personal investment paths
    • Once a client's financial goals are determined, an initial investment path is created based on a risk-tolerance questionnaire. From there, advisors can leverage a highly interactive investment path to understand the accumulation and decumulation of wealth, including important milestones, taxes, social security and RMDs.

  • Multiple short- and long-term goal types
    • In addition to long-term retirement planning, advisors can create value for clients by layering in a variety of goals along the way, including education planning, real estate purchases and sales, home renovations, weddings and vacations.

  • Support for held-away assets
    • Advisors can incorporate held-away accounts into their clients’ plans, broadening the scope of their financial portrait and improving the foundation of their long-term plans.

  • Valuable alerts
    • See how any client's plan is doing based on current dynamics and benefit from a number of valuable alerts, including missed contributions, unexpected withdrawals, and when plans fall below passing probability thresholds.

  • Client-led planning capabilities
    • If desired by advisors, clients can also initiate and build a goals-based plan within the white-label Client Portal.

  • Full model flexibility
    • AdvisorEngine’s goals-based planning tool adapts to an advisor’s approach. Advisors can utilize their own models and capital market expectations. If desired, clients can also leverage insights provided by Franklin Templeton’s Investment Solutions team, including globally diversified, open-architecture ETF models.

  • Fully integrated with AdvisorEngine’s portfolio management tech suite
    • A full suite of portfolio management capabilities helps to manage a variety of goals-based plans: operate efficiently with client onboarding and fee billing tools, trading and rebalancing features to keep allocations aligned with plans, and easily monitor key events over time with custom alerts and performance reporting.

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