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Greg Friedman, MS, CFP®

Greg Friedman is the CEO of Private Ocean, an innovative West Coast wealth management firm, and the founder of Junxure. In 2007, Charles Schwab honored him with its prestigious IMPACT Award® for "Best in Tech." In 2008, Financial Planning Magazine included Greg in its elite list of financial "Movers and Shakers". Greg was also recognized in InvestmentNews' 2017 Class of Icons and Innovators.

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Top 5 Questions Financial Advisors Should Ask Themselves

For every advisor, technology plays an increasingly important role in how we run our businesses. Whether you have someone in-house or you outsource your IT support, investing in your technology tools should be a key part of your business plan. That includes choosing the right systems, implementing them efficiently, training for your team, and last but not least, regularly assessing your tools to determine if they are still serving you as your business evolves.   At the pace technology moves today, advisors can’t afford to get behind the times. Similarly to how we review a financial plan for a client on an annual basis, making sure their objectives still align with their plan, I recommend shutting your door once a year and really taking a close look at your technology plan to ensure you’re still on the best path to success. New generations of investors, whose expectations and preferences are shaped by new technologies, have brought new standards to the industry in terms of how advice and investment products are being delivered. When wealth management technology is used to power modern growth, it has a potential boom for investors and advisors alike.  When reviewing your technology plan, ask yourself these 5 questions:  

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