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Celebrating Carly de Diego, our Chief Client Officer

I feel fortunate to work with Carly de Diego. She brings positivity and intensity to her role as Chief Client Officer. Her leadership directly benefits the wealth management firms that use our technology every day. So it’s well-deserved that Carly is getting some industry attention. Just this week alone, she  was interviewed by leadership publication Authority Magazine and received special recognition from a group called NYC Fintech Women.

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Blog Feature

AdvisorEngine  |  Digital Advice  |  Financial Advisors  |  Technology  |  Wealth Management

Financial Advisors and Digital Transformation: Lessons from a Florist

Saturdays are made for soccer. I’ve found myself looking forward to Saturdays all fall. It’s when I get to watch my seven year-old daughter take the pitch. It also doesn’t hurt that we have been fortunate with perfect, crisp, fall weather to go along with the play.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a grandfather on the sidelines. He was in town visiting one of the other players. For the purpose of this article, I’ll call the grandfather “Sam.”  After exchanging pleasantries, Sam asked, “What do you do?” I gave him my brief headline and quickly responded, “What do you do, Sam?” It turns out Sam is a florist. I found my conversation with Sam the florist enlightening and worth reflecting on. 

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