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WorthFM Selects Vanare | NestEgg to Deliver Disruptive Online Investment Platform for Women Investors in 2016

NEW YORK, February 10, 2016 –

DailyWorth CEO Amanda Steinberg and Source Financial Advisors CEO Michelle Smith, CDFA™ recently announced that they have joined forces to establish WorthFM (Worth Financial Management), an online investment firm tailored for women. Today, the pair announced the selection of Vanare | NestEgg to drive the growth of the firm's new investment service for women, which will be available in 2016. Vanare is a fully integrated wealth management technology platform built on Roboadvisor DNA.

Vanare's institutional infrastructure and Synapse API will give the WorthFM team the modern technology they need to create a unique user-experience. Vanare made the announcement to more than 300 financial advisors attending the T3 Technology Tools For Today conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


"WorthFM has been designed to greatly increase a woman's clarity about her own financial picture," Steinberg said. "We are offering women an individualized experience designed to increase their knowledge of investing as their portfolio and familiarity grows. To provide that kind of ever-changing and customized client experience, we require a technology partner that can understand our vision and enable us to finally forge a woman's connection to her investments in a way that resonates with her. Vanare's robust back-end and smart API will help expedite our speed of development without sacrificing any of the structural integrity we need to create a wholly new experience for our growing base of constituents. Their solution is beautifully-designed, easy to use, and perfectly suited to our needs."

Vanare's platform will enable WorthFM clients to take the MoneyType™ assessment, a proprietary 40-question financial behavior survey developed by psychologist Dr. Jennifer Leigh Selig. Based on responses to the survey, the WorthFM client will experience an investing platform customized for her unique knowledge level, goals and lifestyle. The platform will provide objective analysis, actionable recommendations and conflict-free investment options. "While WorthFM will be available to individuals at any investable asset amount, we focus on the mass affluent, typically a segment of investors who are less likely to be served by traditional advisors.  Beginning with MoneyType™, the WorthFM service will provide our client exactly the kind of personalized guidance and advice that my experience has proven women want when they are making decisions about their investments," said Smith.


"Amanda and Michelle are two extremely innovative thought-leaders continually pioneering new ways to support a wider net of investors," said Rich Cancro, CEO of Vanare. "We're excited to help them digitally deliver quality, personalized advice and investment management services. Vanare's mission is to provide financial advisors and financial institutions with innovative technology that leads to enhanced client service, long-lasting relationships and higher enterprise value. WorthFM will be able to jumpstart relationships with a quick and intuitive workflow. Vanare's Synapse API will give them the ability to further innovate as market demands evolve, allowing them to dictate how and when clients are served."


WorthFM (Balanced Worldwide Financial, LLC dba WorthFM) is a digital investing platform designed to engage and educate women as their investments grow. The WorthFM organization is led by two entrepreneurs running successful businesses tailored towards ambitious women. Amanda Steinberg is the CEO and founder of DailyWorth.com, a leading media company for professional women launched in 2009 with over 1.2 million female subscribers today. Michelle Smith is the CEO of Source Financial Advisors, an independent wealth management firm specializing in high net worth women. Together, their mission at WorthFM is to show a measurable increase in a woman's future savings and net worth by applying her individual personality traits and motivations to how WorthFM displays and delivers advice and guidance. WorthFM (Balance Worldwide Financial, LLC dba WorthFM) is a Registered Investment Adviser with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. To learn more, visit www.worthfm.com. Follow @worthfmon Twitter.


Vanare is a next-generation wealth management platform built on Roboadvisor DNA. With the acquisition of NestEgg Wealth in late 2014, Vanare launched the first-ever fully integrated online and traditional wealth management solution, which seamlessly includes a customizable roboadvisor option along with prospect and client management including client reporting, and flexibility across workflows, data and usability. With Vanare | NestEgg, independent advisors can build client relationships through both traditional face-to-face advice, as well as a completely digital, low-touch interaction. Founded by a team of experienced, creative financial and technology executives, Vanare continues to develop next generation enhancements ensuring the most powerful and scalable platform for the investment advisor community. To learn more, visitwww.vanare.com. Follow @vanareplatform on Twitter.


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