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AdvisorEngine Announces Expansive Integration with BNY Mellon's Pershing

NEW YORK, January 31, 2019 –

AdvisorEngine, the financial experience company that provides a digital wealth management platform for financial advisors and their clients, today announced the production rollout of its expansive integration with BNY Mellon's Pershing ("Pershing"). The integration will enable broker-dealers and RIAs that custody with Pershing to take advantage of AdvisorEngine technology.

"Forward-thinking firms are adopting new technology to deliver a modern client experience, drive growth, and achieve increased profitability," said AdvisorEngine Founder and CEO Rich Cancro. "These outcomes wouldn't be possible without deep custodian integrations. Pershing offers an exciting combination of access to premier clients and an ecosystem that enables AdvisorEngine and Pershing to work together to enhance operational scalability for advisors."

"Advisory firms need diverse, customizable technology solutions to build their optimal client experience," added Christina Townsend, Director and Head of Advisor Solutions Platform Strategy at BNY Mellon's Pershing. "By opening our platform and deepening our integrations with modern, comprehensive providers like AdvisorEngine, we are providing advisors increased flexibility and choice to build the experience that will best advance their business goals."

Financial firms that custody with Pershing can access full AdvisorEngine functionality without the need to manually input data or navigate between the two platforms. Available modules include prospecting tools, client proposals, risk questionnaires, digital onboarding, cash transfers, account opening across various account types, goals-based financial planning tools, client portal, portfolio rebalancing and trading tools, document management, compliance tools, and fee billing. By bringing together data in one place and automating the key pain-points of advisory firms, AdvisorEngine and Pershing are simplifying how firms do business.

The integration also includes "One Brand, Many Brands" functionality – allowing home offices to easily manage firm branding and advisor branding of client-facing technology. Additionally, financial institutions can use AdvisorEngine's fee billing engine to implement custom billing arrangements across different offices, households, client types and fee schedules.

To learn more about AdvisorEngine, visit: www.advisorengine.com.

About AdvisorEngine

AdvisorEngine is a financial experience company that provides an end-to-end client relationship management and digital investment platform. Founded in 2014 by a team of experienced financial and technology executives, AdvisorEngine was the first company to integrate smart automation within a digital wealth management platform. With an emphasis on data, design thinking and technology, the firm delivers a unified experience across three core groups – clients, advisors, and business management teams – to address the most common pain points felt by rapidly growing advisory firms. With offices in New York, NY and Raleigh, NC, AdvisorEngine continues to innovate to keep advisors at the forefront of wealth management. For more information, please visit www.advisorengine.com.  


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