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Junxure Launches Digital Account Open Integration with Schwab Advisor Services™

RALEIGH, December 4, 2019 –

As introduced at Schwab’s IMPACT® conference,  AdvisorEngine – the financial experience company – announced that Junxure, an end-to-end digital client relationship management (CRM) platform, will be the first CRM platform to offer the new digital account open workflow developed by Schwab Advisor Services. Starting this month, wealth management firms that use Junxure and Schwab Advisor Services as a custodian can open new accounts digitally in real-time. 

For most wealth management firms, opening new accounts is a time-consuming process for both back-office and client-facing roles. Specific challenges include manual form-filling, coordinating with busy clients, resolving not-in-good-order (NIGO) data issues and ensuring CRM accuracy. Junxure’s integration with Schwab eliminates these challenges – allowing advisors to convert prospects into new clients seamlessly. 

“We’re proud to integrate more closely with Junxure by expanding on their real-time data integration with new digital workflow capabilities, so that advisors have even greater operational efficiencies,” said John Connor, Vice President of Charles Schwab Digital Advisor Solutions. “Kicking off digital onboarding using data from a CRM system is powerful.”

Advisory firms already benefit from Junxure’s smart automation that automatically turns Schwab operation alerts into actionable data and workflows. The new digital onboarding functionality builds upon the existing API integration with Schwab Advisor Center® and benefits both advisors and their clients. Uninterrupted synchronization of the Junxure and Schwab platforms enables advisors to generate new account documents for various account types using pre-filled data fields and e-authorization technology. The integration also removes the need for users to move between different applications and duplicate entry of information – saving time and reducing inaccuracies.

“For wealth management teams that live within their CRM, it’s an exciting new functionality,” said AdvisorEngine COO Craig Ramsey. “It’s another example of the smart automation we are delivering through Junxure to forward-thinking advisory firms.”

For more information on Junxure, visit: https://www.junxure.com.

About AdvisorEngine

AdvisorEngine is a financial experience company that delivers a client relationship management system (CRM) and digital wealth management platform. Founded in 2014 by a team of experienced financial and technology executives, AdvisorEngine was the first company to integrate smart automation within a digital wealth management platform. With an emphasis on data, design thinking and technology, the firm delivers a unified experience across three core groups – clients, advisors, and business management teams – to address the most common pain points felt by rapidly growing advisory firms. With offices in New York, NY and Raleigh, NC, AdvisorEngine continues to innovate to keep advisors at the forefront of wealth management. For more information, please visit www.advisorengine.com.

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