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    Justin Wilkinson

    Justin Wilkinson is a relationship builder and business development professional who is dedicated to establishing successful long-term partnerships with clients and industry partners alike. Applying his experience from both the institutional wealth management industry and his entrepreneurial ventures, he brings a unique perspective to client and partner relationships. Justin is responsible for accelerating new business growth at AdvisorEngine and helping our clients achieve strategic goals through technology-driven initiatives.

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    Press Release

    A guide to wealth management technology costs

    You know that you want to modernize your firm’s technology. But how much does wealth management technology cost?

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    Blog Feature

    Digital Tools  |  Press Release  |  Technology Adoption

    Partner perspective: Growing your financial advisory firm with technology

    Growth strategies are always at the forefront of every advisor's mind; you want to ensure a successful future for your firm.

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    Digital Tools  |  Financial Advisor Fee Billing  |  RIA  |  Smart Automation

    How RIAs use technology to grow and scale

    I’m fortunate to work with highly motivated and passionate independent advisors and their teams.

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    Choosing a Custodian  |  Craig Iskowitz

    10 questions to ask before choosing a custodial relationship

    Choosing a custodian relationship is one of, if not THE single most important decision any newly registered investment advisor must make.

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    Financial Advisors

    Top 4 reasons why the wealth management industry needs to develop its digital capabilities

    Everything nowadays is all about the “experience.” Why should wealth management be any different? It shouldn’t be.

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    Investment Excellence  |  Operational Effectiveness  |  Relationship Management

    Embracing small client accounts: Using a digital wealth management platform to serve a new market segment

    “What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” Jeff Bezos

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