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Get insights, strategies and research from the AdvisorEngine team to create a better client experience for your clients and drive growth for your firm.

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Financial Advisors  |  Financial Technology  |  Investment Advisors  |  Leadership in Wealth Management  |  Technology

Raj Madan joins AdvisorEngine as Chief Information Officer

Years of leading innovation taught Raj Madan an important lesson: Before you can solve the technological challenge, you have to pay attention to the people around you.

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Financial Advisors  |  Leadership in Wealth Management  |  Wealth Management

Best business books for financial advisors

One quality of financial advisors that I admire is that they are avid readers, always looking for the next bit of inspiration and insight to benefit their practices.

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AdvisorEngine  |  Digital Advice  |  Leadership in Wealth Management  |  T32020  |  Wealth Management Technology

5 ways to foster a culture of innovation within your financial advisory firm

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of attending Joel Bruckenstein’s annual T3 Advisor Conference in San Diego.

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Accountability in Wealth Management  |  Collaboration in Wealth Management  |  Financial Advisors  |  Leadership in Wealth Management

What does strong leadership look like within wealth management?

I’m a data quality specialist. I work with wealth management firms every day to ensure that their information is accurate and accessible on the AdvisorEngine® platform.

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