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John Tyers

John Tyers is an innovative wealth management industry executive with over 25 years of experience in leadership roles in the RIA, Broker Dealer and Private Banking channels. John is the Founder and Managing Partner of Wealth Frameworks LLC, a wealth management industry consulting firm, and Chief Growth Officer at AdvisorEngine.

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Financial Advisors and Digital Transformation: Lessons from a Florist

Saturdays are made for soccer. I’ve found myself looking forward to Saturdays all fall. It’s when I get to watch my seven year-old daughter take the pitch. It also doesn’t hurt that we have been fortunate with perfect, crisp, fall weather to go along with the play.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting a grandfather on the sidelines. He was in town visiting one of the other players. For the purpose of this article, I’ll call the grandfather “Sam.”  After exchanging pleasantries, Sam asked, “What do you do?” I gave him my brief headline and quickly responded, “What do you do, Sam?” It turns out Sam is a florist. I found my conversation with Sam the florist enlightening and worth reflecting on. 

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Embracing Small Client Accounts:  Using a Digital Wealth Management Platform to Serve a New Market Segment

“What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” Jeff Bezos Over the past few years, my perspective on serving smaller balance relationships has changed. Whereas I once saw them as cumbersome and expensive to serve, I now view them as a high potential growth area for wealth managers.  Over the last 20+ years, many advisors moved upmarket in large part by raising account minimums and pushing off smaller balance accounts.  I myself subscribed to this strategy - it was a smart, disciplined way to achieve profitable growth.  But the marketplace has changed. Now, by using smart segmentation and digital wealth technology, advisors can profitably cultivate smaller balance relationships.. 

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The Seven Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting Financial Technology

Financial advisors face countless challenges in their daily practices – especially in this day and age. In order to implement a broader technology strategy at your firm, you must approach it from a technology as well as a business standpoint. Analyze how your business can benefit from the use of technology.

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A Guide to Wealth Management Technology Costs: How to be a Savvy Buyer

You know that you want to modernize your firm’s technology. But how much does wealth management technology cost? Knowledge is power: after reading this guide, you’ll be a smart buyer – and understand the true ‘all-in’ cost of advisor technology. 10 Factors to Consider Beyond ‘Standard Pricing’ By considering the following ten factors, you’ll make your next technology purchase with your eyes wide open:

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