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AdvisorEngine introduces data visualization dashboards

NEW YORK, September 29, 2022 –

 AdvisorEngine® announced today new data visualization dashboards that provide insights tailored to specific roles across key wealth management focus areas. The capability will be unveiled today at the Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum.

The dashboards leverage the same modern technology architecture and design-thinking approach employed to transform Junxure CRM into AdvisorEngine CRM® earlier this year

Critical business information is presented in modern, real-time visuals, removing the need for static spreadsheets. Curated ‘visualization’ templates form a robust library, allowing users to adopt the technology quickly. For more control, users can easily reconfigure their dashboard to create their desired experience. 

Features include ‘drag-and-drop’ customization, in-line editing, automatic data population, advanced filtering, one click drill-down to detailed data and enterprise permissioning to control information access. 

At the heart of the dashboards, says AdvisorEngine CEO Rich Cancro, is a goal of making data accessible and actionable for anyone in wealth management.

“Data initiatives have historically been expensive and time-consuming for wealth management firms,” Cancro says. “But now with these new dashboards, you don’t need to take on a six-month technology consulting project at a six-figure cost.”

“The addition of these dashboards will help advisory firms grow revenue, operate better and ensure a high standard of client service.”

Adding value across a firm’s key functions: 

  • CEOs and executive teams can gauge important business drivers such as net new assets, client retention, client segmentation, client demographics and advisor productivity
  • New business development roles can stay focused on growth by visualizing their sales funnel, tracking close rates and garnering insights from ‘won’ and ‘lost’ opportunity reasons
  • Financial advisors can review the status of client requests, see upcoming action items, and gain insights into their new client opportunities
  • Department leaders can run their team meetings based on accurate, real-time dashboards versus manually creating presentation pages using static spreadsheets
  • Operations personnel can see their daily tasks in prioritized order, ensure that client service standards are being met and identify process bottlenecks 

Design process and rollout: 

Revenue growth, operational excellence and client service are key focus areas for the dashboards. 

AdvisorEngine developed these focus areas through a rigorous, iterative design process that involved interviewing 430 professionals across the full spectrum of wealth management roles - including CEOs, financial advisors, operations leaders and their team members.

Participants shared common pain points with their current solutions: data discrepancies, data integration issues, time-consuming manual analysis and the high cost of outside consultants to set up and maintain quality reporting.

In contrast, AdvisorEngine CRM dashboards allow users to begin seeing insights quickly. “You can get started immediately using pre-built templates informed by your industry peers,” said George Tamer, AdvisorEngine Head of Sales. “From there, you can customize to ensure that your firm’s unique goals are tracked according to how you want to see the data.” 

The dashboards are being launched using a staged rollout process. Beginning today, a select group of AdvisorEngine CRM clients received access. 


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