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AdvisorEngine® releases newest issue of Action! magazine, featuring insights from dozens of independent investment advisors, firms, technology and practice management experts

Tampa, March 15, 2023 –

AdvisorEngine®, the financial experience company, announced at the Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference the release of its Spring/Summer 2023 issue of Action! magazine, the resource for investment advisory firms that brings together top thought leaders in wealth management and technology.

Paying close attention to industry opportunities and challenges, the magazine offers practical advice on several timely topics impacting investment advice firms, including how to deal with budgetary pressures, tips on how to compete for top talent and how firms can find new client pools.

“Many growing firms are juggling competing budget priorities in this market, which raises pressing questions about how best to allocate resources,” said Action! magazine’s editor Suleman Din. “They need to continue expanding, heed changing compliance demands and also stay on top of emerging technologies and practices. It’s a unique time to be in wealth management, and we are focused on delivering content for professionals who can use it to navigate these challenges.”

Action! magazine founder Craig Ramsey notes this issue brings together the collective wisdom of almost 40 wealth management firms across the country, in addition to perspectives from recognized industry influencers and experts.

“We have a broad range of industry insight and practical tips included in this latest issue of Action! magazine – there is truly something for everyone to learn from,“ said Ramsey, also chief operating officer at AdvisorEngine. “It’s incredible to see the community of thought leadership we are fostering through Action!

Included in the latest issue of Action! magazine:

  • “The RIA recruiting crisis” provides tips and advice on how firms can successfully compete for top talent in a competitive market.
  • “How wealth management firms can cut costs but stay competitive” examines how RIAs are looking to budget for cost savings and still spend.
  • “Advisors: Listen Up! Here are the five habits of effective client listeners” explores how financial advisors can get better at hearing client needs.
  • “Compliance Officers: What you should expect in 2023, and how to prepare” a rundown of best practices for compliance experts at firms.
  • “Think like a Chief Market Strategist” Stephen Dover, Franklin Templeton’s Chief Market Strategist, explains his daily routine and how he gains market insights.
  • “Tech Trends and Tough Love with Joel Bruckenstein” a special supplement dedicated to advisor technology innovation, covers trends in the industry, including emerging tools in digital marketing, cybersecurity, blockchain and AI.

Tough love from T3 producer, Joel Bruckenstein

As an industry thought leader and long-time producer of the T3 conference, Bruckenstein singles out five key trends he said investment advice professionals need to follow, such as the development and application of Artificial Intelligence in wealth management, and provides practical tips on how they can adapt to them.

“Any advisor technology is ultimately just a tool – none can solve practice management challenges for advisors on their own,” Bruckenstein says. “They work when advisory firms to put them to use well. And that involves a lot of planning, due diligence, time and money, patience, training and retraining, and sometimes having to learn a new way of doing business too. Advisor technology is changing wealth management. But the ever-expanding categories in our annual advisor technology survey – CRMs, financial planning software, onboarding and the like – are all built to ultimately help firms help people. If you can do it better, smarter and help even more clients,” Bruckenstein argues, “you should be open to that sort of change.”


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