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8 ways to CRM success for financial advisors

Financial advisors often ask, “What can I do to drive CRM success at my firm?”

Implementing, adopting, and maximizing a CRM system is a challenge for any organization. It’s a change that requires buy-in from your whole team. The right CRM can automate your daily processes, save you time and money, and allow you to focus on the most important thing -- your clients.

Whether you are converting to a new CRM or looking to drive user adoption in your current system, here are eight ways to help drive success. I hope these tips come in handy for your firm’s CRM journey.

Invest time in CRM training

Given how important your clients are, having a team that has completed CRM training and certification is essential. Invest time in training to ensure that everyone uses the CRM consistently. I cannot stress enough -- when it comes to navigating any new technology, it’s important to have a guide -- partner with your CRM provider and dive deep into training. 

Pro tip: having a highly usable CRM is a great way
to ensure training goes smoothly.

Training can help demonstrate specific features that will benefit your firm the most - providing a greater return on your investment. It comes in many forms; live training sessions, targeted courses, recorded demos, or online training resources. 

Utilize these online training resources. Here at AdvisorEngine's Junxure, we have a guided series of documentation and short videos that give a tour of the entire framework of our CRM. We start with a bird’s-eye view to see the primary features of Junxure and how they interact. Then, dive in and look at the details behind each of our features.

To get the most out of your CRM, our consulting and training team offers ongoing education classes on the more advanced features within Junxure. It’s easy to learn how these powerful functions can impact your firm’s day-to-day business.

Maximize your CRM’s data migration services

In addition to training, your CRM provider should offer other services. One key service is data migration.

You might think that transferring data is pretty straightforward -- but migrating data to a new CRM system isn’t always easy. There are a few steps you should take to make sure it’s done right, and it all begins with planning. 

Plan to clean up your data before migration, learn the best data delivery methods, and execute the migration efficiently. Ensure your whole team is on the same page and aware of the processes. Successful data migration is crucial to the implementation of your new CRM software.

If you have a CRM migration strategy, the shift will be easy. At Junxure, we’ve developed a suite of migration processes that will help firms transform their businesses with expert guidance from our onboarding team, ready to help you plan, execute, and make the transition a success. 

Take advantage of CRM features or integrations

Junxure features deep integrations with many custodians and major portfolio management, reporting, and back-office solutions to enhance advisor productivity and create a centralized user experience. 

One of the most popular integrations among advisory firms is email capture. Email has become such an important method for business communication. It’s accessible, fast, cheap and private - plus, it can be easily stored. Since building strong relationships is a core element of providing financial advice, your CRM system should support email functionality

Junxure’s automatic email capture features are robust for keeping track of client communications. Using this email management piece, advisors can manage all aspects of their email within Junxure -- no need to toggle between your CRM and Microsoft Outlook.

Advisors who want to track conversations via text messages within their CRM, now have the ability to do so. Junxure’s integration with MyRepChat allows advisors to communicate with clients via text while fulfilling important compliance requirements. 

To maximize your CRM experience, make sure to take advantage of all these important features and integrations. 

Join a CRM user group

Chances are your CRM provider has a user group or community of users. This is a great resource to share, gain knowledge, and learn from other’s experiences. 

At Junxure, we hold an annual user conference called >drive. It’s a great way for our CRM users to gather, learn and grow. Whether you are a CEO, principal, advisor, or operations specialist -- this event showcases the tactics and tools needed to deliver better value to clients, grow your business, and thrive. It’s an opportunity to share ideas and collaborate on best practices. I invite you to join us for our >drive2022 event

Read CRM communications

I know here at AdvisorEngine, we send out monthly newsletters to our users. This newsletter consists of news, insights, and product enhancements information -- it’s a glance into what’s happening with both our CRM and wealth management platforms. 

It’s important to read all communications from your CRM provider in order to stay up-to-date with the latest information. Make sure to follow these partners on social media -- especially LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

Take part in a CRM design session

User experience (UX) in product design is an agile process -- fintech providers are always looking to improve their UX. They seek feedback from current users through these design sessions. This is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and analysis of how the product works and fits into your business. 

Recently, we used our own user feedback to refresh Junxure’s interface and enhance the experience. Our product management and design teams are using the output of this user analysis to make our CRM better. This reinvention -- a streamlined, user experience -- will help transform your business. 

These enhancements include: 


  • A revamped Client Record for quick and intuitive access to your most pertinent client information.

  • A form builder to easily create and embed forms on your website, then feed client/prospect. information into Junxure

  • An integration with Calendly that syncs appointment scheduling with your CRM.

I’m confident all of this refresh will take you and your clients to the next level through your CRM -- smarter, faster, easier, and more responsive to your needs.

Ask for help with your CRM

If something is not working with your CRM, reach out. Don’t try to go it alone, make sure to ask for help. 

Month after month, Junxure clients give our tech support a 98% approval rating. That's just one of the reasons we retain 96% of our clients each year. Our support specialists are available to answer your questions and troubleshoot if necessary.

I’d love the opportunity to demonstrate the power of Junxure. Let me walk you through the benefits of this CRM built for advisors, by advisors.


This blog is sponsored by AdvisorEngine Inc. The information, data and opinions in this commentary are as of the publication date, unless otherwise noted, and subject to change. This material is provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered a recommendation to use AdvisorEngine or deemed to be a specific offer to sell or provide, or a specific invitation to apply for, any financial product, instrument or service that may be mentioned. Information does not constitute a recommendation of any investment strategy, is not intended as investment advice and does not take into account all the circumstances of each investor. Opinions and forecasts discussed are those of the author, do not necessarily reflect the views of AdvisorEngine and are subject to change without notice. AdvisorEngine makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness and validity of any statements made and will not be liable for any errors, omissions or representations. As a technology company, AdvisorEngine provides access to award-winning tools and will be compensated for providing such access. AdvisorEngine does not provide broker-dealer, custodian, investment advice or related investment services.

Kathy Crowley

Kathy Crowley

With over 10 years of experience in software sales and FinTech, Kathy spends her days sharing the incredible value of AdvisorEngine CRM with advisory firms. You may have seen her at conferences at the AdvisorEngine booth or recognize her voice from webinars. Having past experience as a CRM administrator, Kathy knows the important decision that your firm is making when choosing a CRM and is driven to ensure you have all the information you need. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to helping firms recognize the need for a CRM and how our solution can be the best choice for them.


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