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AdvisorEngine's >drive2020 goes virtual

Things are changing fast in the wealth management industry. 

Last week, AdvisorEngine® CEO Rich Cancro shared his perspective on this moment of “hyper change” we all are experiencing. Client and market shifts in motion are now accelerating and advisory businesses must react to the pace of this change.

How the industry meets is also evolving. Social distancing demands and health concerns have pushed a number of wealth management events online. That’s why for the first time in eight years, our >drive conference will not be held in-person. Instead, it will be an immersive, virtual experience held October 22-23, 2020. One of the biggest draws to past >drive events has been the opportunity for Junxure® users to gather together - administrative assistants, advisors, CEOs, firm principals and operations leaders alike - to share ideas, knowledge and experiences.

With that in mind, we have designed a virtual >drive2020 conference focused on engagement.

The sessions

We’re offering extensive interactive training for CRM users, particularly advisors who want to maximize their use of Junxure features and optimize their business practices. 

Our event will feature a sneak peek into our product roadmap. Attendees can learn the latest innovations and design features for Junxure’s CRM technology. We’ll share insights into what’s coming next, along with the thought process behind our product development. Discover how client feedback has greatly influenced our AdvisorEngine product roadmap and inspires our goal to create unmatched user experiences.

You’ll learn how to leverage automated tools and technologies to help you gain that competitive advantage. Whatever your role, this virtual event will showcase the best tactics and tools needed to deliver better value to clients, grow a business in this market, and thrive in the future.

Advisors frequently request more guidance on how to better leverage Junxure’s robust set of tools. At this year’s virtual event, advisors will have the opportunity to hear from our experts and ask them questions about how to take advantage of various capabilities, from tracking new business to ensuring clients are receiving the best service possible.

We will also offer several sessions with valuable practice management insights. Among the topics for discussion is client segmentation and how to best set up a service matrix for your client base. We will dive into the Service Monitor tool and how to best track the different services you want to provide. You won’t want to miss this session so you can clear away those client service hurdles and focus on growth.

The experts

Our >drive event wouldn't be complete without our expert bar, Junxure Works. This is your opportunity to join experts for a wide-ranging open forum. We’ll take questions and go deeper into the training being offered at each session. This interactive dialogue will include best practice tips and learnings from what we have seen power users of Junxure accomplish over the years. 

Come prepared with your list of questions so our Junxure team can arm you with the best tactics and tools needed to deliver better value to clients, grow your business and thrive in the future. 

This virtual event will feature all of your Junxure and AdvisorEngine favorites; Rich Cancro (CEO), Patrick Arnold (Head of Product), Kathy Crowley (Junxure Sales), John Haas (Junxure Training), Sue Dooling (Technical Support Manager) and many more.

Join us

At AdvisorEngine, we believe in the value our conference delivers.

Industry conferences can refresh, inspire, teach, and empower - it only takes one actionable idea applied to your business practice to make your time at a conference worthwhile. Through training, connecting, and engagement our aim is to load you up with valuable takeaways. Registration for virtual >drive2020 is now open. Register now to stay up-to-date on the latest virtual conference details.

We look forward to virtually seeing
you on October 22nd and 23rd


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