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8 ways to CRM success for financial advisors

Financial advisors often ask, “What can I do to drive CRM success at my firm?”  Implementing, adopting, and maximizing a CRM system is a challenge for any organization. It’s a change that requires buy-in from your whole team. The right CRM can automate your daily processes, save you time and money, and allow you to focus on the most important thing -- your clients. Whether you are converting to a new CRM or looking to drive user adoption in your current system, here are eight ways to help drive success. I hope these tips come in handy for your firm’s CRM journey.

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What I'm looking forward to at AdvisorEngine in 2021

A new year is just around the corner, and I’m really excited to talk about our product roadmap, but first, I want to say my thoughts are with everyone who has been impacted by Covid-19. It’s my sincere wish that all of you, your family and friends stay safe and healthy. There’s nothing more important than the well-being of your loved ones.  The incredible news that vaccines are becoming available now makes me even more hopeful we’ll be able to come back together in 2021. I look forward to being in an office with my colleagues again, catching a Broadway show with my family and having a nice dinner surrounded by friends.

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Decoding fintech: How to improve your wealth management practice

This year forced us to use existing technology in new ways. An entire subculture has grown around video calls -- which have been around for years -- as they are now essential in our lives. Whether for business calls, webinars, virtual happy hours, or talking to family, the pandemic made us realize the value of staying virtually connected.

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