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Get insights, strategies and research from the AdvisorEngine team to create a better client experience for your clients and drive growth for your firm.

Kathy Crowley

With over 10 years of experience in software sales and FinTech, Kathy spends her days sharing the incredible value of AdvisorEngine CRM with advisory firms. You may have seen her at conferences at the AdvisorEngine booth or recognize her voice from webinars. Having past experience as a CRM administrator, Kathy knows the important decision that your firm is making when choosing a CRM and is driven to ensure you have all the information you need. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to helping firms recognize the need for a CRM and how our solution can be the best choice for them.

Blog Feature

Financial Advisors  |  Financial Technology  |  Industry Conferences  |  Wealth Management

Two advisor conferences you won’t want to miss

After two years of virtual conferences, I’ll admit, I have screen fatigue. 

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Blog Feature

AdvisorEngine  |  CRM  |  Financial Advisors  |  Financial Technology

Partner perspective: CRM decision essentials for financial advisors

Choosing a CRM, or any advisor technology for that matter, can be a hard decision for any growing RIA.

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Blog Feature

Digital Tools  |  Financial Advisors  |  Junxure CRM  |  Technology  |  Wealth Management

How financial advisors can seamlessly integrate email into their CRM

Think about it for a minute, how much does your business rely on email communication? 

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Blog Feature

CRM  |  Financial Advisors  |  Fintech  |  Investment Advisors  |  Junxure CRM  |  Wealth Management

8 ways to CRM success for financial advisors

Financial advisors often ask, “What can I do to drive CRM success at my firm?”

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Blog Feature

CRM  |  Financial Advisors  |  Financial Technology  |  Junxure  |  Technology  |  Wealth Management

Raise your wealth management CRM from the office to the cloud

Are you still using a legacy on-premise solution for your CRM? 

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Blog Feature

CRM  |  Financial Advisors  |  Junxure  |  Technology  |  Wealth Management Technology

The cost of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for financial advisors

As a financial advisor, you take pride in how you’ve cultivated deep relationships with your clients.

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