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5 CRM functions a financial advisor shouldn’t miss

As a training specialist for AdvisorEngine’s Junxure, I witness first-hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to running an effective client relationship management (CRM) system. One firm I recently worked with had work processes that literally were all over the place -- scribbled down on whiteboards, shelved inside filing cabinets, noted on sticky notes stuck to walls, handwritten memos, and more. 

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The cost of Client Relationship Management (CRM) software for financial advisors

As a financial advisor, you take pride in how you’ve cultivated deep relationships with your clients. But in a new reality where it is difficult to meet in person, you’re naturally concerned about how to maintain those connections. The right Client Relationship Management (CRM) technology system can not only help you stay connected to clients during this global pandemic, it can strengthen your ability to personalize your client service and help you win new business. Streamlining workflows makes it simpler to stay in touch with clients, while automating tasks frees advisors to concentrate on the conversations that clients value most. A CRM aids the advisor at every step, from discovering prospects to supporting existing clients and improving contact management. But how much does CRM technology cost? What are some factors to consider beyond the cost?

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CRM best practice: how advisors can capture better information

As a financial advisor, it’s important to log every interaction you have with a client - whether it’s a brief email, a phone call or an entire planning meeting - all part of client relationship management (CRM) best practices. What can be hard to decide is how much information you put in each one of these notes. On the one hand, sharing an entire wall of text can be confusing when you need to go back and reference it. On the other hand, a short sentence of, “Had financial planning meeting,” is equally unhelpful. 

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